Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our garden in September

I like the pink dahlias.

Hydrangeas look pretty with the green leaves.

Pink mandevillas look pretty.

 I like the vine climbing up the tree.

 I like the pretty pink japanese anemone flowers with the green leaves.

I like the elephant ears with the pink and purple flowers.

I like the white allium with the purple barberry bushes.

 I like the hosta with the pretty pink New Guinea impatiens.

I like the lamium and the orange poppies. The geranium is pretty purple.

I like purple coneflowers with the blue fescue grass.

I like the pink hibiscus with the dark pink in the middle.

I like the Sedum with the catmint.

I like the Cherry tree corner with the pretty cherry tree in the middle of the black-eyed susans.

I like the butterfly trellises with the vines and the pink flowers on them.

I like bees because they make honey and I like their buzzing sound.

I like the pretty sunshine shining on the hostas in the garden. I am glad it is almost fall.


  1. Grace, you have taken some beautiful pictures again! I especially like the last one with the sunshine on the hostas, the bumblebee shot, and the allium with the barberry.

  2. Grace!! I love all your beautiful pictures. You really have an eye for photography:) I love the spiky Blue fescue grass! Such a fun plant.. And the pink dahlias are so cute!!!
    Great job on your blog, girly:) I love you!

  3. Grace, You did a really good job. We especially like the bee :)

  4. Grace, I enjoy looking at the gardens through your "eyes". I am impressed that you can describe in words what it is that you like about each flower or plant combination. A lot of people can say, "Oh, I like that", but can't really say what it is they like about it.

    The picture of the catmint and sedum is very artistic. I like the way it is divided into three zones of different colors of green and textures.

  5. Wonderful work Grace! Meghan says that your last photo "looks like a golden drop of sun" :)
    Love you!

    ps. Aunt Jen finally figured out how to sign in and leave a message for you so we'll write again soon!


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